UDP checksum generation validation done by the end system, by setting socket options aproppriately. It is up to the application what it wants to do with an UDP datagram with incorrect checksum. But this is becoming off-topic now.

Apr 12, 2019 UDP: How make the data flow rate smooth for UDP packets Scenario: Using Boost Asio 1.69 I have a C++ server running on Linux Fedora 4.9 and a client running on an Android 10 phone using a peer to peer connection. There is continuous sending of data from server to client and occasionally a packet from client to server. Problem: Things work well but due to my Server sending many packets at a high rate, my client is unable to catch up. Transport Layer: TCP and UDP

Apr 12, 2019

Stream Control Transmission Protocol

TCP Flow Control 30 Jun 2017. TCP is the protocol that guarantees we can have a reliable communication channel over an unreliable network. When we send data from a node to another, packets can be lost, they can arrive out of order, the network can be congested or the receiver node can be overloaded.

User Datagram Protocol. UDP is a connectionless protocol, and UDP sockets are an example of datagram sockets. SCTP: Stream Control Transmission Protocol. SCTP is a connection-oriented protocol that provides a reliable full-duplex association Flow control; Full-duplex: an application can send and receive data in both directions on a given Flow Control in TCP - mathcs.emory.edu Flow Control Flow control is a mechanism to ensure that the transmission rate of the sender do not exceed the capacity of the receiver. Fact: If the The maximum buffer size for UDP is determined by the value of the ndd variable udp_max_buf. The maximum buffer size for TCP is determined the value of the ndd vari- able tcp_max_buf.