Basically, I need to access a Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection, but before I can do this I need to run OpenVPN (which is not a program that is available for MacOSX, only for Windows PCs). So, after some research I discovered Tunnelblick is the next best thing on MacOSX computers.

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How to pair Pi-hole with an OpenVPN to block ads and

Select Export to download the OpenVPN configuration file. OpenVPN Client. In this section, I will show you how to install the OpenVPN client on Windows, Android, iOS and Mac OSx platforms. Windows. Download the OpenVPN client from the OpenVPN download page. Double click on the file to install the OpenVPN software.

Setup Tunnelblick (macOS 10.5+) OpenVPN. Download the latest Tunnelblick Application.; Launch the Tunnelblick Installer you downloaded. A window will pop up with "Tunnelblick" and "Online documentation" files listed.

For older versions of OSX there is no readily available alternative. After installing tunnelblick, download the config file . Drag and drop the profile file onto the Tunnelblick icon as shown to install the configuration. Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) algorithms classify Internet traffic by protocol. That is, they look at a given traffic flow and decide whether it's http, ssl, bittorrent, vpn, etc. Governments like Iran, China, and Syria increasingly use these tools (and they often purchase them from Western corporations, but that's a different story) to implement their country-wide censorship, either by looking