Sep 07, 2013 · He also was asked, “Did the NSA help to create Stuxnet?” Snowden responded, “NSA and Israel co-wrote it.” Stuxnet in 2010 wrought havoc on equipment at Iran’s Natanz nuclear plant and complicated the manufacture of highly enriched uranium, which the West suspects is intended for making atomic weapons.

Richard Clarke on Who Was Behind the Stuxnet Attack America’s longtime counterterrorism czar warns that the cyberwars have already begun—and that we might be losing. NSA or the White House Stuxnet: World's most powerful worm, a creation of the The sophistication of the worm, plus the fact that the designer had inside intelligence on the Iranian facility, led Langner to conclude the United States had developed Stuxnet, possibly with the help of Israeli intelligence. I guess the article leaves some details out, but that sounds like a … Stuxnet | CYBER SECURITY LAW AND POLICY Oct 20, 2016 The Terrifying U.S.-Israeli Computer Worm That Could Cause Jul 12, 2017

Stuxnet è un virus informatico appositamente creato e diffuso dal Governo statunitense (nell'ambito dell'operazione "Giochi Olimpici", promossa da Bush nel 2006, che consisteva in un'"ondata" di "attacchi digitali" contro l'Iran) in collaborazione col governo israeliano.Lo scopo del software era il sabotaggio della centrale nucleare iraniana di Natanz.

The Terrifying U.S.-Israeli Computer Worm That Could Cause Jul 12, 2017 Stuxnet - Wikipedia

Jul 11, 2016

Stuxnet virus: ‘First atomic bomb of cyber warfare Former NSA contractor and infamous whistle blower Edward Snowden previously told German magazine Der Spiegel the US, along with Israel, created Stuxnet to destroy nuclear centrifuges in Iran. Snowden Confirms Stuxnet Malware developed by NSA and "The NSA and Israel wrote Stuxnet together," Snowden said when asked if the NSA had any involvement in the Stuxnet program. Last year an even more complex computer virus called Flame was discovered and while initially it was not linked to Stuxnet, further investigation by Kaspersky Labs identified a module within both which indicated that the The Real Story of Stuxnet - IEEE Spectrum: Technology