It seems that the client socket is creating an exception when we try to read a file which actually does not exist. My main question is what are the method to identify the problem related to this specific socket (note that I am working on a cluster, hence accessing the node via ssh connection and without having admin access).

SocketException: Connection reset / terminated Resolving The Problem. IPTraces may show that connections are being reset immediately after the client (browser) sends a POST request to the web server (or directly to the Application Server), and before the data associated with the POST is delivered to the Application Server for routing to the Application. How does Connection reset happen Jun 21, 2018

Mar 26, 2015 · LDAP applications have a higher chance of considering the connection reset a fatal failure. If you want to avoid the resets on ports 22528 and 53249, you have to exclude them from the ephemeral ports range (e.g. on Windows XP using MaxUserPort).

Dec 28, 2018 · When trying to test the connection, we receive this message: Unfortunately no connection was possible. Review the errors below and rectify: SocketException: Connection reset . We've tried the following to troubleshoot: change the password/unlock the account. This allows us to log in through office365's web UI, but we still get the connection program that uses an email client. It will sent an email, but errors only with with an attachment.10054 "Connection Reset By

An application may receive the "10054" error when the connection reset | Oracle Community Nov 04, 2006