Mar 15, 2012

How to delete a Gmail account | TechRadar Jan 15, 2020 How To Delete a Gmail Account - Help Desk Geek Apr 25, 2020

How to delete a Gmail account. You can get rid of one or more Gmail email addresses without deleting your entire Google user profile. Here’s how: Go to your Google account settings page

Found another two options based on my answer to your first question: type " " and hit tab/hit enter/click in another field; type and choose the email normally, then double click on the email+name block that Gmail creates and replace the name between the " "with a single space.

Dec 18, 2019 · Click the three-dot icon that appears in the upper right corner and select Delete from the toolbar that appears. When prompted, confirm the action by selecting Delete from the menu that appears. In earlier versions of Gmail, click More in the toolbar and select Delete contacts from the menu that appears.

To remove an unwanted autocomplete email address in GMail, remove the unwanted contact record. Select "contacts" from the drop-down menu at the top left. search for the unwanted contact in your address book by typing their name (or email, type it as you usually do in the to: field) in the search box Users.labels: delete | Gmail API | Google Developers Aug 16, 2019