Start a Hidden-number Chat When you tap on another member's name, you will see a pop-up with their photo,Viber user name, and the option to send them a message.

May 22, 2019 How to Hide Your Caller ID on Android Phone Another point worth noting is that you won’t be able hide your Caller ID when you call Toll free numbers (1800) and emergency numbers (911). Your Phone Number will be displayed when you call 911 or 1800 numbers, even if you have setup Caller ID Blocking on your Android Phone. How to Hide Your Phone Number in WhatsApp May 12, 2020 How to Hide Your Phone Number When Calling

Here is how to hide your cell phone number on Facebook and prevent the opportunity to find your account by your phone number in Facebook search. Part 1: Hide Your Phone Number From Contact Information Of Your Facebook Page. First you should ensure you din’t explicitly provided your phone number in the contact information.

How to Hide Your Phone Number When Calling In order to hide your number from showing on a specific call, you can dial *67 before the number of the person you are calling. This is the code for North America. Remember to include the area code when dialling. After you tap the call button, your phone will give you the option to …

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