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SSH tunnel trough proxy in Putty - In putty enter hostname or IP address and port on Session page. In Connection > Proxy settings enter company proxy IP and port set it as HTTP proxy. In Connection > SSH check enable compression and version 2. In Connection > SSH > Tunnels enter local port that will be used f.e. 8888 and remote … Continue reading "SSH tunnel trough proxy in Putty" Using PuTTY to set up a SOCKS Proxy Connection To use PuTTY to establish a local SOCKS proxy that will use an SSH server to which you are connecting with PuTTY, take the following steps (written for PuTTY 0.63, but will apply to other versions as well): Create a new session or open an existing one to modify it then click on

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Using PuTTY to setup a quick SOCKS proxy - ForwardProxy Dec 23, 2018 Can't get PuTTY's SSH proxy to work. Router relate

Jul 12, 2017 · There’s also “dynamic port forwarding”, which works similarly to a proxy or VPN. The SSH client will create a SOCKS proxy you can configure applications to use. All the traffic sent through the proxy would be sent through the SSH server.

Apr 01, 2009 Can I tell PuTTY to connect to one SSH server, then I know it's an old question, but I think it's still useful to add an alternative. In addition to the accepted answer, which uses SSH on the remote side as a proxy, you can also use plink (you can get it on the offical Putty site) as a local proxy.. In the options under Connection > Proxy you select 'Local' as the proxy type and as local proxy command you enter plink "«session name»" -agent How to Configure PuTTY SSH tunnel | HostAdvice