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Hey & Welcome To #Acer! Add #Acer To AutoJoin! Please Obey ALL Chat Rules VIA My Forums! #Acer: NOW Multi-Servered! Please Enjoy Your Stay And Have Fun Here! SunXDCC | The hottest XDCC search engine The hottest xdcc search engine. Search for xdcc files and packets in several IRC networks and channels | The biggest XDCC Search Engine XDCC Search engine. You can search for everything you want through a variety of packs. If you want to add your network or bots just contact us. You can also view our …

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Jun 16, 2017 How to use IRC Effectively | Actions You'll often see people performing so called actions in IRC. Unlike talking normally, actions say to the IRC channel something that you're doing. You precede the action with /me. For example: /me shakes fist in the air in frustration about learning IRC. While on Drupal's IRC channels, there may be several other conversations occurring simultaneously. IRC Channel? - Salesforce Developer Community

Jun 04, 2020

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