Are Cloud Storage Providers Dropping the Box on Security?

Cloud service adoption has rapidly increased since this blog was first posted in 2010. With that in mind, we thought we’d provide you with an update to better reflect the ever-increasing cloud storage security challenges faced by modern enterprises today, and how solutions like Nasuni overcome them. 12 Risks, Threats, & Vulnerabilities in Moving to the Cloud Mar 12, 2018 Concerns About Cloud Storage | HowStuffWorks

1. Security issues. Security risks of cloud computing have become the top concern in 2018 as 77% of respondents stated in the referred survey. For the longest time, the lack of resources/expertise was the number one voiced cloud challenge. In 2018 however, security inched ahead.

Security Issues in Cloud Computing | McAfee Most cloud computing security risks are related to cloud data security. Whether a lack of visibility to data, inability to control data, or theft of data in the cloud, most issues come back to the data customers put in the cloud.

Cloud Storage Security: How Secure is Your Data in The Cloud?

Jul 16, 2014 What’s the Best Way to Use the Cloud to Store Personal The Wall Street Journal hosted a conversation by email with three experts on cloud storage and the security and privacy issues around it By Matthew Kassel Updated Feb. 23, 2020 10:02 pm ET Cloud Security Issues and Solutions by Buffalo